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Schreiner University - Men's & Women's Basketball
Schreiner University - Men's & Women's Basketball mobile


Camp will be held on the Schreiner University Campus at the Schreiner University Event Center in Stephens Family Arena.       Building #22

In January 2015, Schreiner University officially opened the Event Center. The building is the second phase of a three-phase Mountaineer Center project that was developed in the late '90s to benefit the then-college's (Schreiner became a university in 2001) move to non-scholarship NCAA Division III. The 1,200 seat Event Center accommodates more attendees than Edington Gym which was built in 1981 and can seat up to 450. The project also includes the Mountaineer Fitness Center which was completed five years ago and will eventually also result in a planned Field House and upgrades for SU baseball and softball. The Event Center host the Mountaineer men and women’s basketball and volleyball team; as well as, SU graduations and is open for campus and community activities as well as sporting events